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Life hack: how to check a contractor in AdWords

05 september 2016, 07:41

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A rapid method of 5 steps for independent analysis of advertising campaigns in the context


In 2015, contextual advertising accounted for 32% of global advertising budget. The constant growth of demand for this service has led to the emergence of a huge number of small agencies and freelancers ready to provide services for setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns.

Often many of them do the job not as high quality as we would like because customer to get benefits from this kind of advertising is possible only if the contractor has extensive experience in Google AdWords. Service equipped with broad functionality, however, as any system has the items must do.

If the contractor do not comply with them you may want to think about replacing him. To test these functions you can for 1015 minutes.

Step # 1. Geography

No matter how appealing your ad you will not succeed if it is shown not that and not there. The success of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords depends on geo targeting. To properly allocate budget and optimise your campaigns contractor-specialist must take into account correct geographic data in the study.

To check whether the contractor is focused on the regions with the most promising audience in the Campaigns tab, select Settings. You will see another menu where you choose the Location.



Step # 2. The key query and negative keywords

Keywords are also an equally important way to target your ads to the target audience than geography. Mistake in their choice can be very expensive. Bad selection of keywords will lead to lower ad positions and most importantly increase the cost.

If you want to have your offer seen really interested users should competently approach to the selection of keywords. Check whether received your contractor after spending the budget on irrelevant queries is meaningless. Menu Campaign choose Keywords.



Negative keywords

To increase ROI reduce costs and show ads only to interested audience help negative keywords. With their help, the contractor manages the ad but rather prohibits Google AdWords to show ads for search queries that contain them. Thus negative keywords ensure that your ad will show only to the audience which is relevant to your offer and also reduce costs by deleting the words did not turn a profit.

The proposed test indicated whether their contractor company settings. Go to the Campaigns tab, select the Keywords tab and below click on negative keywords.



Step # 3. The presence of several variants of ads

In Google AdWords, one or more ads with a common set of keywords together in a group. Why it should be Impossible for one ad to catch all potential customers. Setting ad group will allow you to track the status of advertising materials to manage their shared set of keywords, and set bids. If the contractor was too lazy to set up groups in the study, this factor will probably reduce the effectiveness of the campaign.

To check, click on the Campaigns tab, go to the section ad Group and check the group by going to her.



Step # 4. The presence of extensions from ad

The expansion function is an additional anchor in the Declaration in the form ' phone number contacts or links to specific pages of the website. These seemingly small elements increase the CTR of your ads thereby increasing their value. To see did the contractor the necessary additions check their presence in the Campaigns tab item ad Extensions.



Step # 5. A comparison of the effectiveness

To understand how has the quantitative indicators of the advertising campaign need to do a systematic comparative analysis. In the study Google AdWords this can be done in the upper right corner in the line of the campaign include the function Compare. Now you'll be able to check how successfully or unsuccessfully on the contrary, the contractor worked this quarter compared with the previous or any other chosen period.



So even if you are sure in the professionalism of the contractor don't be lazy periodically to see how is your advertising campaign. Perhaps this will allow you time to influence the course of her work without losing profit.


Text by Andrey Starostin traffic Manager Another Point


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