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05 september 2016, 07:42

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Dear colleagues and friends

Many of us are inspired and filled with dreams of something new and uncharted decided to get up and fill my life with new emotions, discoveries and achievements. Saturday jog with like-minded people in Gorky Park on a trip with friends to a new city or journey to the edge of the world all these little things fill our lives and change us for the better.

If you're not afraid to dream and turn their dreams into reality if you catch every moment and open to new things and tell others about it and perhaps you will inspire a passerby to change their world.

Throughout the project, as an example, his candid stories share the famous people in the advertising industry and beyond inspirers of the project without cuts tell their stories of overcoming.

What is interesting and genuine is your story the more hearts it will touch and push on the shutter speed accomplishments kindness the higher the likelihood that you will become one of the winners of the project

The jury of the project

Inspirers of the project

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